About Us

Hello to all that view our online store my name is Samantha Spencer Manageress of A.N.S.Sofas L.T.D.We are primarily a family run company operating out of Birmingham, West Midlands. We have our own vehicles so will do our own deliveries including white glove service to you should you so wish.
We also use freight Companies to cover Europe as well as the United Kingdom, but you can choose your own delivery way as well so we can do 24/7 deliveries at any time of the day/night you wish. We now make a wide range of goods in the Midlands ourself.

We have spent the most time travelling and studying to bring you what we feel is of the highest quality furniture from Italy and China and found that as well as top class handmade furniture from Stefan's of Italy we have the very best reproduction Bauhous sofas, chairs and furniture from Zione also from Italy who both use a class of leather that is not really seen much because of the high-grade quality few companies are willing to spend money on as it is costly. 

This quality of the leather is called Super Aniline plus. If you order products from these two companies rest assured you have the choice of this grade of leather making both their products hard to match in quality. Where we use fabric on the goods we stock we try to use linen because of the fine qualities it possesses, like being hypoallergenic and very helpful to eczema sufferers as it reduces bed sores and is non-conductive electricity wise. The normal lifespan of this is 20years roughly which is more than cotton, also being breathable on the hottest days, whilst holding a lot of moisture being another one of its attributes.
We have been delivering for 15years throughout Europe which helps a lot with us seeing what people need, this has prompted us to design our own furniture as well as source the best from around the world. Our own detachable backrest sofa has been designed because of this way of research we have done and it will not stop there. These were designed primarily because of the way places are being built now and getting furniture into certain locations is proving hard in today's accommodations. The laptop computer chairs we have sourced are very well thought out and made and double as orthopaedic chairs as they heat massage as well as rotate. These came about with the help of a top German scientist in the field of posture and spinal issues so rest assured (no pun intended) they are comfortable. Read the summaries below of each company we deal with to get a more in-depth feel and happy viewing to all.


We have sourced a special furniture maker who used to work for Harvey Nichols and now makes all our U.K.Furniture Chairs,stools, sofas and sofa-beds are the norm meaning your goods here are Bespoke and can be made to order in a style you may choose using mortice and tenon joints as well as dowelling rather than staple guns on everything.U.K standard hand-made quality is what we now offer as top hotels are using this same Company we use for their frames. The leather and fabric are all EU Graded. Lead Time 3 Weeks approximately.

You will find us friendly and willing to help you as much as we can. We have swatches for you to help make your choice a little easier. With us, you will find all information is correct on our goods. We have 100% Italian handmade sofas and beds from truly the best companies making our goods in Italy. The best grades of leather are at work here for your choice. Make no mistake as to the quality of the leather you can order. Most of the sofas from Stefan's are Bespoke so a little tweaking can be done on them as well as customers own fabric/leather if you so wish. These goods you will see across the world in Hotels and such so the quality is assured.
Zione's Bauhous reproduction goods actually use a quality of leather the originals do not in some cases and can compete on quality even being a reproduction. Zione's products actually tip his hat to the last 100 plus years of the Bauhous past masters generation making sure the quality stays in the public eye with pony skin, buckskin and cowhide making sure quality is assured. Feather fillings for cushions are standard.

The best quality furniture comes from the designers who are inducted into the Oot Oot Studio which is like the Bauhaus of Estonia and we have exclusivity on all their products which is very satisfying to look at and very reasonably priced. They also do Reproduction goods with Antiquated carvings on farmhouse tables etc. so please inquire as not all goods are shown in their section, with a lead time of only 28 Days.

We import certain items of high grade from a specialist Hotel furniture maker who does Bespoke goods.

Our Favourites.check out Zione goods.. Joseph Hoffman chair & Jean Michel Frank. STEFAN'S goods. Botticelli sofa, Mylord Chesterfield and Ermes sofa.

Lastly, we are bringing you HP credit terms with all goods advertised being of E.U.Standard Material with information and warning tags.

A big thank you to all the companies working with us.

*Please note pictures vary on quality from one device to another*